The Book
Hip-Hop, Inc.
Success Strategies of the Rap Moguls

by Richard W. Oliver and Tim Leffel

As Seen in Business Week and the L.A. Times

How did Russell Simmons turn a little record label being run out of a dorm room into a half-billion dollar enterprise that crosses fashion, consumer credit, and movies?

How has Sean Combs, now simply Diddy, been able to run a half-dozen companies, win an award as a fashion designer, work as an artist and producer, star in a Broadway play, and run the New York Marathon?

Who is the business world has ever heard of Master P? And why is he worth $200 million? Who's next?

Hip-Hop, Inc. tells the impressive and unorthodox story of the rap entrepreneurs. They turned a style of music that came out of the Bronx ghettos into a global lifestyle phenomenon, to the point where the world has become a hip-hop nation.
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Book Description
At the heart of hip-hop-the most vigorous, electric development in the music world since the advent of punk rock-are its brilliant entrepreneurs. Some have demonstrated business instinct and marketing savvy that would make many Fortune 500 CEOs envious. Hip-hop and the moguls behind it are a force to be reckoned with.

These larger-than-life figures, the elite of hip-hop, have prospered through a combination of old-fashioned business savvy, shrewd marketing, and constant commercial reinvention. Over the past decade, their collective net worth has grown upwards of $1 billion.

Hip Hop, Inc. reveals the secrets of success that can be applied to virtually any other business. It illustrates these secrets by telling the never-before-told stories of the most successful of the rap elite.

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